Viking Real Estate & Consultants sign collaboration with GGH!

Viking Real Estate Collaboration with GGH

Viking Real Estate & Consultants are proud to announce that on the 14th October 2020, an agreement of collaboration was officially signed with the new company, now in charge of the commercial restructuring of formerly Silverpoint resorts in Tenerife: Global Great Hotels.

This exceptional opportunity followed 9 months of extensive work from both companies and will for the first time provide concrete financial options for clients who own free hold and share titles in properties in Palm Beach Club, The Suites at Beverly Hills, the Heights and Hollywood Mirage.

The collaboration gives Viking Real Estate & Consultants exclusive rights to negotiate solutions with GGH, on behalf of its clients, who up until recently were limited in seeking compensation for their ownerships via costly and uncertain legal routes.

CEO of Viking Real Estate & Consultants, Mike Farhoud spoke of his ‘’exclusive collaboration’’ with GGH and all the exciting future opportunities and developments that will come with it.

‘’We have undergone months of hard, dedicated work, put in by the entire Viking team to get to where we are today and give clients ‘something back’ for the first time.’’

In addition, having recently launched its own Viking Travel Club and Portfolio, Viking will now join forces with the GGH teams to showcase their incredible travel products, and invite existing and promotional clients to these very sought after luxury resorts.

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