Martinez-Echevarría & Rivera

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The law firm
Martinez-Echevarría & Rivera provides legal services, advise and litigation in Spain, Portugal and Turkey for companies, families and individuals.

The Firm was founded in 1983 with a clear commitment to quality and professional excellence. Today, with Albert Rivera as Executive President , these primary qualities on which the law firm was forged remain as strong as ever.

Martínez-Echevarría has always been known for its marked focus on achieving its clients’ objectives and meeting their expectations. Martínez Echevarría y Rivera is currently composed of just over 250 professionals and can be considered a modern office, fully adapted and prepared to meet the most demanding needs of business firms operating in Spain and Portugal.

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The team

Law is the passion of the Firm’s 250 professionals. Our people never stop studying to ensure the right solution to the daily challenges of our clients.

Under the coordination of the management board, Albert Rivera, Executive President; José Manuel Villegas, Executive Vice-President; and Vicente Morató, Managing Partner, each area is led by these partners:

Each department is led by Attorney General, , prosecutors, judges, professors or lawyers with proven and successful experience at the highest professional level of international legal advice, which ensures that the legal response provided by the Firm is always of top quality and as up to date as possible according to case law and legislative developments.

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Areas of expertise

Martínez-Echevarría & Rivera offers the market a wide variety of areas of law for complete solutions to companies, families and individuals. It is our purpose to offer the best legal advice , making it accessible to everyone.

Each department is led by coordinating partners who are highly specialized in their area of expertise, who are also attorney general, prosecutors, judges, magistrates, professors or lawyers with proven and successful experience at the highest professional level in international legal advice

Insolvency and Restructuring

When acting for the debtors, we provide advice both before the bankruptcy and throughout the proceedings.

Thus, during the prelitigation phase, we offer all our experience and expertise in negotiating with creditors and working on financial restructuring measures towards avoiding bankruptcy; analysing the debtor’s employment structure, and the possible effects of the bankruptcy declaration and its sources of financing.

Similarly, we also participate in defending creditors of an insolvent party (bankrupt or not), deploying our services to collect the bankrupt’s credits, preparing the communication of these credits to the bankrupt and contesting any reports in the bankruptcy process.

We also analyse the potential liabilities of directors and managers of companies that are insolvent or close to insolvency.

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Contact Information

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0034 922 945 126

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[email protected]

[email protected]

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