Moving to Tenerife

Moving to Tenerife and the TIE card

Following Brexit, the Spanish government has introduced an updated residency document for British nationals moving to Tenerife, designed to replace the existing green Residencia card. This new pink and blue card is known is a Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero, or TIE for short. The TIE card will be required by all Brits moving to Tenerife for the first time. It's purpose is to illustrate that the holder...

Your Guide to Purchasing Property in Tenerife

Are you thinking of purchasing property in Tenerife? Our friendly team here at Viking Real Estate and Consultants are here to help! Check out our handy guide to the dos and don'ts of securing your place in the sun. Let's talk money! Before you begin the search for your dream home, it is important to get to know the costs and processes involved. For example, on top of the purchase price, you will also need...

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