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In compliance with  the  duty  of  information, Viking Real Estate &Consultants S.L. as the owner of the  website,   proceeds  to  communicate  the  identification data:

Company name:                      Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L.

VAT Nr:                                  B76689603

Email address :                       dpd  @

Address:                                  C.C. Palm Beach, Local Nº 19 Avda. Rafael Puig  Lluvina  – 38660 –  Arona

This   information  conforms  and  regulates  the  conditions  of  use, ,the  limitations  of  liability and the  obligations  that the users of the Web page that is published under  the domain  name  assume and undertake to  respect.


The general   terms  and  conditions   established herein  regulate  the  use  of  this  website.  The  use of the site  attributes  the  condition  of  user of the Web page  to  its  visitor,and  expressly determines its full and unreserved    acceptance   of  each  and  every one of the  terms  in  this legal notice  established.   Consequently,  the  user must carefully  read  the  terms  and  conditions  on  each  of the occasions in  which he   intends  to use this     website.

It is  also established    that the  terms  and  conditions  may  be  modified  in  whole  or  in  part  by Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L., and  such  changes  and  implementation  will be effective   from  the  moment  they  are  published  or  inserted  in  this  site. The  user must periodically  see  the LEGAL NOTICE USE OF THE WEBSITE.

Those messages  that do not  fit  the  theme  of the  website   may  be  deleted. It is  totally  forbidden  to publish promotions and links of  commercial offers,   advertising, promotionalmaterial,  chain letters  or  any  direct  or  indirect  promotional  activity  or  any  other  type  of  comment that does not  conform to the normal  development  of the  themes  of the Web  pages.

Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L. reserves  the  right   to remove  and/or  modify   comments  that  contain   inappropriate language, spam or  other inappropriate  conduct  in  a  civilized community.  The  comments     must be limited to the    post, news,    publication,etc.,  refraining from   its  use for illicit purposes or  effects,     illegal,contrary to the     provisions of these  general conditions, good  faith and publicorder, harmfulto  the  rights  and    interests  of   third parties,or that in any  way  may be offensive  in a broad sense,   insulting, little  education  or  consideration  with  the  rest of the  users,   personal attacks, those who  have no relation  to  the  subject,  advertising,spam and,  in  short,  all those who do not  contribute to making  the Web page what it  intends:a  space  of  opinion,  news,  information,  free and  friendly communication.

The user undertakes to use the contents in a lawful manner in general and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from;

  • Use the contents in a way, for purposes or  effects  contrary  to the law, morality and  generally  accepted good  customs  or  public order.
  • Reproduce or copy,  distribute,  transform  or  modify  the  contents.
  • Use the contents for economic purposes, direct sales or with any other kind of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to a plurality of people regardless of their purpose, as well as to refrain from marketing or disclosing in any way said information.
  • Post any content that is threatening,  libelous,  libelous,  obscene, pornographic, or  otherwise   in breach  of  the Law.

Users  should  always  keep  in  mind  that  the  content  published  on  this  website  is  public  and  can be seen by  all  your  followers.

Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L. will not be responsible for  the  contents  published  by  users. Nor  is it responsible  for any  damages   that  may  be caused  by  the  use of the  information  provided through the  service. Likewise,  it does not  guarantee  the  accuracy  and / or  veracity  of  all  or  part  of the  information  contained  in  the  site,   nor  its  updating,  nor  that  said  information has  not  been  altered  or  modified  in  whole  or  in  part,  after having  been included    in  the  site.

Nor is  it  responsible for  the  information,and  contents  that  may  host the links  included  in  the  website by  users  or  the  existence of malware or  analogous.

Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L. will not be responsible for              damages   of any kind that may be due to the  presence of malware  or  the  presence  of  other  elements  in  the  contents  that  may  cause  alterations  in  the  computer system,    programs, electronic   documents  or  files  of the  users.

Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L. does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the service of the website, being able to modify, suspend or eliminate it from the web without prior notice, at any time.

The user  will hold   Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L harmless. against any  claim  that  may be presented  to you for the  messages  that  the  user has disseminated    on  the Web pages or for  any  other  conduct  linked  or  derived from  the  use  by  the  user of the Web pages.

If a user  or  third party  considers  that  any  comment  published  on  the  website  or  any of its links  are   illegal,  we would appreciate  it  communicated as soon  as  possible to the  email   address  dpd  @ so that Viking Real Estate & Consultants S.L. proceed  to  its  revision  and,  if  appropriate,  its  withdrawal.

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