A new collaboration with Canarian Weekly

Viking Real Estates and Consultants is pleased to announce a new marketing collaboration with The Canarian Weekly, the premier English-language news source for the Canary Islands.

We are currently collaborating with The Canarian Weekly, a website dedicated to publishing relevant news within the Canary Islands, with the exception of business news, health and properties.

The objective is to raise the profile of the Viking Group to an international level. Our potential clients are aware of our most prestigious listings of property around the world.
Our team offer a wealth of experience and we truly understand a clients’ needs when making personal and investment decisions.

Do you want to know more about us?

The team at Viking Real Estate & Consultants are more than real estate agents looking for real estate listings. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our client`s needs and wants. When making property decisions that impact your family now and, in the future, you need a premium property partner.
For many years, Viking Real Estate & Consultants has been building a wealth of experience and knowledge in the high-value, luxury property market.
We understand that your home is an important part of your life. It`s where memories are made and it provides for your future.

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